Time to play the guessing game!

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As the abstract submission deadline for the International Symposium draws nearer (3 May), everyone in the team likes to have a stab at guessing how many abstracts we’ll end up with.  For most of us this involves taking last year’s final number and increasing it by a bit to account for the symposium’s ever-growing reputation and standing as the world’s premier MND research conference.

However for Kelly, our resident statistics boffin, there is a meticulous method involving averages, graphs and a careful analysis of the trends over the last few years… 

Anyway, we’d love you to have a guess too. To give you some idea, last year we ended up with just over 400 abstracts and the team guesses range from 220 to 470!

We will check the final number of abstracts submitted on the morning of 4 May and until then we will wait with anticipation and hope that the number of abstracts soar from 45 to their hundreds over the weekend!

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