Astrocytes in Health and Disease

Association-funded researcher, Prof Marcus Rattray, attended the Biochemical Society and British Neuroscience Association focused meeting on ‘Astrocytes in Neurodegenerative disease’ last month.

He wrote a blog about the two day meeting, which took place on 28 – 29 April, on our peer-to-peer blog ReCCoB. We thought his blog post was too good not to share on our MND Research blog too!

Astrocytes are star-shaped cells in the brain and spinal cord, cells that helps neurones to function properly . I attended a Biochemical Society meeting “Astrocytes in Health and Disease ” held in late April at the Institute of Child Health in London. The meeting brought together some of the top world scientists in this area as well as a lot of early-career scientists and scientists who are planning to begin research with astrocytes.

I was pleased to be in good company: Janine Kirby and Fiona Menzies, both on the MND Association Biomedical Research Advisory Panel (BRAP) were there, showing that many Motor Neurone Disease researchers consider astrocytes to be relevant to the development and progression of the disease, and that better understanding the role of astrocytes may help us get closer to discovery of better medicines.

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