Interview with the Conference and Events team

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Chris Maden is the Association’s Conference and Events Administrator. As Evy mentioned in her blog earlier today, preparations for the 25th International Symposium on ALS/MND in Brussels are well underway! Here we interview Chris about the role of the Conference team in this annual event. 

Left to right: Jasmine Harwood, Pam Aston, Chris Maden
Left to right: Jasmine Harwood, Pam Aston, Chris Maden

What is the role of the Conference team? The conference team are the logistics team, we source the venue, complete the registrations, liaise with the venue and with 3rd parties.

How long does it take to organise the symposium/ how much forward planning? The symposium planning begins 3 years before the event with location and venue finding. Then as the event gets nearer the registration process is setup and all the back end infrastructure is put in place.

As well as organising the venue and registration, what else do the Conference team do during the symposium? On site we manage the registration and make sure that the venue respond to any issues that crop up. We are the first in the venue and the last to leave!

What is your most memorable symposium moment? Whilst in a planning meeting for the Japan symposium, looking up and finding the room full of hotel staff – they had entered the room completely silently and were waiting for a briefing meeting!

What are your expectations for Brussels? Any challenges? With Brussels being held in a convention centre, registration will be a challenge as we will be unable to capture delegates as they check into their hotels!

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