Nurturing the future of MND research – new opportunity for researchers

Reading Time: 2 minutes We are pleased to announce that as well as applications for our next round for PhD Studentship applications, we are also accepting applications for our brand new Non-Clinical Fellowship scheme. These fellowships are aimed at early career researchers across a range of disciplines, allowing them to take the reins of their very own research project. 

Mathematics and MND

Reading Time: 3 minutes Following on from physics and X-rays; Matt Gabel is an MND Association PhD student at the Brighton and Sussex Medical School who is using mathematics to study MND. Here Matt blogs about his day and what it’s like being a PhD student. I’ve just finished my weekly meeting with my supervisors, and I’m walking back over…

Cell Culture Work in Motor Neuron Disease Research

Reading Time: 3 minutes Following on from baking, and understanding the roles of genes and proteins, Helena Chaytow (Royal Holloway) explains about her research. Helena is an MND Association-funded PhD student developing small strands of DNA, known as ‘antisense oligonucleotides’ to make motor neurones more resistant to damage. DNA and RNA The challenge of working with Motor Neuron Disease (MND)…