How to use this blog

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The MND Research blog aims to provide you with up-to-date information on the Research Development team’s activities as well as exciting news on MND research.

What is a blog?

The word ‘blog’ stands for ’weblog’ and is effectively an online diary where someone can record their thoughts or comments on a particular story/event. The MND research blog is written by the Research Development team to provide you with updates and comments on recent MND research.

Get updates or email alerts from this blog

You can get updates and email alerts from this blog to let you know when a new blog post has been posted. This is known as ‘subscribing’ to a blog and it enables you to view a blog post straight from your email. To subscribe, enter your email address in the ‘Subscribe’ section on the right-hand side of this website and click on the ‘Subscribe’ button. This will then add your email address to our MND research blog mailing list.

You will receive an email asking you to confirm that you wish to subscribe to this blog. Once confirmed you will receive email alerts of new blog posts directly to your inbox.

Archives and Categories

You can view our blog articles using the ‘archive’ or ‘categories’ sections on the right hand side of the blog. This can allow you to view all blog posts  of a particular theme (category) or during a particular time frame (archives). You can also search for blogs using ‘tags’, that depict keywords used within an article.


From the homepage you can view an individual blog post by clicking on the title. At the end of each blog post there is an option to share the post by means of social media (eg Facebook and Twitter). By clicking on the appropriate sharing option you can then share the blog post with your friends.