The UK MND DNA Bank opens its doors to researchers around the world

By 2011 the UK motor neurone disease (MND) DNA Bank had collected over 3,000 samples from people living with MND in the UK, their family members and healthy controls.

Several years since the first sample was taken, the MND Association can now proudly announce that the UK MND DNA Bank is ‘open for business’ to the worldwide MND research community.

The sun is leaving us, the nights are beginning to draw in and Christmas treats such as mince pies are beginning to fill the shops. MND researchers around the world, however, have been given an early Christmas present – the opening of the UK MND DNA Bank!

Freezer at BioBanking Solutions
Freezer at BioBanking Solutions

The story

At present, the cause of MND is thought to be a combination of subtle genetics, lifestyle and environmental factors. We know a small number of these genetic factors, but not all of them, thus the Association created the UK MND DNA Bank. Back in 2003, co-ordinated by the three MND care centres (King’s College London, Sheffield and Birmingham) a multicentre collaboration across the UK invited people living with MND to participate in a project, which hopes to answer the question: What causes MND?

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