Become our video star in our research workshop!

Reading Time: 2 minutes

In between reading the plethora of abstracts that are mounting on our desks and being locked away in a quiet room to proof read them all, Kate and I have been working on a plan of action for the research workshop at MND Association’s Annual Conference to be held on 11 September in Nottingham.

The theme of our workshop will be: getting involved with research. One idea that we’ve been working on –sadly to no avail yet, is finding a video clip of somebody who has taken part in research explaining why they took part in research. Ideally, we’d like to find a clip that we can feature at the beginning of the workshop to show the ‘real’ reasons why people take part in MND research straight from the person.

So – we’d like to ask you for your help! If you, or somebody you know:

  • has taken part in any form of research whether it was a questionnaire, a biomarker study, a healthcare project, a questionnaire,  joining our patient register, or any other MND research project
  • are somebody living with MND, a carer or an unaffected ‘control’ that has taken part
  • are able to record a short clip (could even be done on a video recording phone) telling us why you participated in research, how you found out about the study and the best and worst bits (and anything else you’d like to share with people about taking part in research).

Then we’d like to hear from you! Please send your video clip (either by attaching it to an email or by sending us a link to where it is saved – ie YouTube) to by 27 August 2010.

If we receive any appropriate clips, we’ll upload them onto this blog for others to see!

Thank you everybody in advance – we look forward to receiving your clips!