Thank you to those who took part in ‘Voicing you Views’ project

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Amanda Dean, a PhD student who we’ve been helping to find recruits for her project to ‘voice the views’ of people living with MND, has sent us an email to thank all those who have been involved, as well as those who expressed an interest in taking part. Here’s what Amanda had to say:

Dear All

What seems a very short time ago I appealed to you all, searching for a few who might be willing to take part in my research. As I sat back and nervously waited for my in box to light up I wondered if I would be successful in gaining a handful who might be interested in meeting with me, maybe a few more that may take part via e-mail. But in fact what I got was an overwhelming response that at times kept me up into the small hours trying to respond to you all. My introduction to research within the MND community could not have been more welcoming or encouraging.

In an ideal world I would have liked to have met every one of you, spoken with you, and let you know personally how much I appreciated your time, your insight and the level of detail you included in your responses which has provided this research with so much depth so far. I feel  privileged to have met, either in person or online, some truly inspirational people, bubbling with positivity, stories of achievement, bravery. I have shared moments of humour, moments of happiness, and some moments of sadness too…

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone that got in contact; this includes those that were not able to take part on this occasion but expressed an interest and offered their help. It is important to me that each and every person who gave their time freely for this research, and this includes those who wrote or typed on behalf of others, got a heartfelt thank you, and that knew that their input was greatly appreciated. I hope some of you might feel like you can stay in touch, you would be most welcome!

I hope that in the future I may meet some of you at a conference, but until such a time, take good care of yourselves. With all my best wishes,


As Amanda has now finished recruiting people living with MND to voice their views, it is no longer possible for people to take part in this project. If you are interested in taking part in another study, please look at our ‘how to get involved with research‘ pages of our website.