Nurturing the future of MND research – new opportunity for researchers

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We are pleased to announce that as well as applications for our next round for PhD Studentship applications, we are also accepting applications for our brand new Non-Clinical Fellowship scheme. These fellowships are aimed at early career researchers across a range of disciplines, allowing them to take the reins of their very own research project. University of NottinghamMNDA ResearchPicture by Vicky Matthers iconphotomediaWhy a new scheme?

We believe in bringing through fresh talent into the MND research community as well as helping progress the careers of researchers already in this field. For science graduates the start of this process is to study for a PhD to understand more about MND.

Many of these PhD places are funded through the Association’s PhD studentship scheme. At the end of these, the next step is for the researcher to get a ‘post-doctoral researcher’ job. The first few years will be applying skills and knowledge learnt during their PhD, in an already established research lab. But soon after that they’ll be keen to stretch their wings and explore their own ideas. Until now the Association didn’t offer a way of helping researchers do this. The new ‘non-clinical fellowship’ gives them this opportunity.

20141020_MND Kings College_168Non-clinical fellowships

There are two levels of funding, depending on the experience of the applicant:

  • Junior Non-Clinical Fellowship
    • The applicant will have 2 – 5 years post-doctoral experience
    • The award will be for either two or three years
  • Senior Non-Clinical Fellowship
    • The applicant will have 4 – 10 years post-doctoral experience
    • The award will be for either three or four years

As part of these awards there will be higher conference budget, encouraging the fellow to present their work at various conferences throughout the fellowship and to build networks to enable future collaborative research.

Researchers have until next Friday, 1 May to apply for the new non-clinical fellowship scheme and also apply for PhD studentship funding. These funds won’t be available again until next year, so our budding young researchers will need to get their skates on and finish off their applications!

We will make sure to keep you posted along the application pipeline, as well as letting you know who will be the first researchers to be awarded these new fellowships later in the year.

Find out more:

You can learn more about how we decide to fund research on our website. For researchers, more information on the non-clinical fellowships and the PhD studentships is available to view on our website.