Global Walk to D’feet MND: Highlights from Perth

We’ve stepped into the New Year! As part of the 30th International Symposium, the first ever Global Walk to D’Feet MND took place to raise awareness of ALS/MND. People affected by MND, scientists, and delegates from around the world made their way along the 5 km course which followed the route of Perth’s picturesque Swan River.

There was an amazing turnout of around 400 people – all wearing their country’s respective ALS/MND association or institution t-shirts. You might see a sea of blue in the images as “the Blue Cornflower is a symbol of hope for people living with MND. Hope to find the cause, develop effective treatments and discover a cure.” – MND Australia.

Among those who took part was the Association’s Director of Research, Dr Brian Dickie. He said:

“It was inspiring to see so many people from across the globe coming together for the common purpose of raising awareness about MND.

Of course, the conversations from the Symposium research sessions continued into the walk and I discussed at least two potential new research ideas and collaborations as we went along.”

Following the walk, Cytokinetics warmly invited those who took part to join them as they honoured and recognised the contributions of advocacy groups worldwide with local Australian barbecue food and refreshments.

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To commemorate the first Global Walk to D’feet MND, some of the various t-shirts worn during the event were donated. These t-shirts will be used to create a quilt. Proceeds attained from the quilt are intended to support the ALS/MND Patient Fellows programme whereby people with MND are funded to attend the Symposium and share their experiences.

Check out some of the videos captured, including some drone footage covered by FightMND and a time-lapse of the walk:

Find out more about the topics discussed in Perth at the Symposium on our Periodic table of MND Research at

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