Symposium Blogathon: Focus on… Tatyana Shelkovnikova

Symposium Blogathon: Focus on… Tatyana Shelkovnikova

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This blog is part of our Symposium Blogathon series – where we are counting down to the 33rd International Symposium. Numbers in bold blue type correspond to the code in the abstract book. Click on the number to be redirected to the full abstract.

As a new feature of the Symposium Blogathon, we got in touch with a variety of international researchers who will be presenting at the 33rd International Symposium on ALS/MND. We chatted about what they will be presenting and what they are most looking forward to at the Symposium this year.

Today, we hear from Dr Tatyana Shelkovnikova, from the Sheffield Institute for Translational neuroscience (SITraN). Understanding the biology of what goes wrong in ALS/MND is critical in the hunt for effective treatments. Tatyana is researching a particular molecule, called NEAT1, which is thought to be different in people living with ALS/MND (HCB15).

Listen below to find out more.

Tatyana is also funded by the MND Associations Lady Edith Wolfson Fellowship Programme, as a Senior Non-Clinical Fellow. The Fellowship Programme attracts and develops the careers of outstanding researchers in order to create the future scientific leaders in the field of MND research. 

Blog | 24 June 2021 | Research Team
Driving MND research through our Senior Non-Clinical Fellowships

Tatyana’s talks to look out for:

Session 1 – The contribution of aging to neurodegenerative disease – Dr Fred Gage (C1)

Session 6 – Decoding gene regulatory networks in ALS – Professor Janine Kirby (C15)

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