‘Hero’ proteins assemble to stop toxic clumps

‘Hero’ proteins assemble to stop toxic clumps

Reading Time: 5 minutes Much like fictional superheroes who are dedicated to protecting the vulnerable with their supernatural abilities, a newly discovered class of ‘Hero’ proteins with unusual properties can prevent toxic protein aggregation seen in several neurodegenerative disorders, such as MND. This finding may have potential for new treatments and applications in biotechnology.

Exploring the interaction between TDP-43 and RNA

Reading Time: 3 minutes In light of the upcoming Biomedical Research Advisory Panel meeting happening on Friday 7 April that will discuss which new research projects the MND Association will fund, we are pleased to report on the progress of one of our already-funded researchers. In their three year project, funded by the MND Association, Prof Annalisa Pastore (King’s College London)…

Toxic proteins may cause motor neurones to die in C9orf72 MND

Reading Time: 4 minutes MND Association and Alzheimer’s Research UK-funded researchers from University College London have identified that toxic proteins may cause motor neurones to die in C9orf72 MND and frontotemporal dementia. Published open access in the journal Science on Thursday 7 August, this research explains more about one of the most common forms of inherited MND.