Looking forward to the Allied Professionals Forum

MND Association trustee, Julie Draper, will be arriving in Milan on Wednesday evening in preparation for the Allied Professionals Forum (APF), taking place on Thursday 5 December.

This one day meeting organised by the International Alliance of ALS/MND Associations focuses on the practice and experiences of healthcare professionals involved in the care and support of people living with MND.

You can read the programme for the day, as well as the abstracts, here.

Julie told us: “I am incredibly excited to think that I will be in Milan on Wednesday evening. Having read the programme for the APF I am looking forward to attending this one day meeting.

“The subjects range from non-invasive ventilation (NIV) issues to caring for the carer. Other presentations include: the difference physiotherapy and occupational therapy makes to people living with MND, screening for cognitive impairment (an issue which I feel does not receive enough attention) and ‘the pain of isolation’.

“The speakers for the APF are from a good range of countries including: America, Austria Italy, Israel and the UK.

“The meeting is co-organised and chaired by Steve Bell (our Director of Care North) and Rodney Harris from Victoria, Australia.

“The APF will give me an excellent introduction to the International Symposium on ALS/MND (and hopefully some ‘chums’ to team up and have supper with).

Dr Julie Draper“The symposium starts on Friday 6 December and promises presentations which are at the cutting edge of MND research. For example the session on biomarkers is all about trying to discover a disease marker for MND, how we can get an earlier diagnosis and how we can get a treatment for this ravaging disease. Not only this, there will also be a wealth of genetic research discussed – which is flying ahead by leaps and bounds.

“In particular I am hoping to meet several people whose research the Association has funded in the past.”

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