Shining a light on our non-clinical fellow: Using blue light to control muscle movement

Reading Time: 4 minutes The MND Association is proud to support the brightest minds of MND research. Outside of general healthcare and biomedical project grants that are usually awarded to senior researchers, we also offer opportunities to young researchers – these take the form of PhD studentships and fellowships. Fellowships are awarded to post-doctoral researchers who are able to…

Identifying the genetic causes of MND in specific populations

Reading Time: 2 minutes Dr Russell McLaughlin from Trinity College Dublin is one of our Junior Non-Clinical Fellows. Our Non-Clinical Fellowships were awarded for the first time last year. They aim to retain and develop early and mid-career MND researchers conducting biomedical research. These fellowships are funded for up to four years. We are currently funding two junior and…

Nurturing the future of MND research – new opportunity for researchers

Reading Time: 2 minutes We are pleased to announce that as well as applications for our next round for PhD Studentship applications, we are also accepting applications for our brand new Non-Clinical Fellowship scheme. These fellowships are aimed at early career researchers across a range of disciplines, allowing them to take the reins of their very own research project.