MND Connect – more than just a helpline

Scott Maloney is the Association’s MND Connect Team Leader. Following Alun’s volunteering roles, Scott explains more about MND Connect, how they can help, and how they work with the Research Development team.

About MND Connect

The MND Connect Helpline is the ‘frontline’ of the MND Association. They take and answer calls and emails from anyone living with or affected by MND – so that’s people living with the disease, carers, family members and friends, GPs, Nurses, Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language Therapists – absolutely anyone!Read More »

The importance of MND research

Alun Owen is an Association Trustee (Chair elect). During Carers’ week week he writes about how he got involved in the Association, as well as his varied role as a volunteer and the importance of research.

alunjoined the Merseyside Branch of the MND Association 12 years ago following the loss of my partner mainly as a means of trying to make sense of what had happened to us over the previous 8 months.

Initially, I focused on fundraising activities as we had received fantastic support from the Regional Care Development Advisor and I wanted to make sure the money was there to help other people in the same predicament.

After the last 8 months, remarkably, I still knew very little about what MND was, why it occurred, why it caused such awful things to happen and how to try and make things better. Our experience had been one of daily dramas with very little time to focus on the how and why so it was only during my bereavement that I began to think about other aspects such as research and what it could mean for people living with MND. Wouldn’t it be amazing if a cure could be found? No-one else would have to experience MND ever again.Read More »