Running the 10K for MND research

MND Association part-funded PhD Student, Dr Tamlyn Watermeyer passed her PhD viva in February 2014. Here she writes about her 10K run in aid of the MND Association.

The last time I ran in a race was at my school’s sport day. I came stone last. In fact, while completing the 1200m the umpire started the next scheduled race while I ran past the 800m point because I was taking too long. Embarrassed but stubborn, I finished that 1200m; later salvaging my pride with a familiar cliché: “it’s not about wining; it’s about participating” – a handy outlook developed from always being picked last for the volleyball team. Fast forward a decade later, I still showed little athletic promise but, spurred on by New Year’s Eve merlot, I publicly declared my 2014 resolution to run a 10K in aid of the MND Association. So… publicly, there was no way out of the intense training schedule…Read More »