What does MND research mean to you?

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MND research is accelerating at an astonishing pace, but what does it mean to you?

We’re interested in what you have to say and we’d love to know your three words that sum up what you feel about MND research. Once you’ve submitted your answers, we’ll update the word cloud (created using wordle) below.

 Please leave us a comment at the bottom of this post with three words that to you feel summarise what research means to you.

5 thoughts on “What does MND research mean to you?

  1. What does Research mean to me? Got to be
    HOPE !

    Hope for :
    and sometime, please, a
    CURE . .

  2. My 39 year old son has a slow form of MND so my words are Thanks Hope and HURRY

  3. Thanks for your comments Bob and Sue. I’ve now added your words to our wordle! If anybody else has any words (even if they are reproduced in the wordle) then please leave a comment here with your chosen words.

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