We are supporting the ‘Science is Vital’ campaign

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We are backing a campaign calling for the Government to recognise the importance of science; and to lay out a supportive strategy for UK science and engineering which maintains a level of investment in line with economic growth.

The ‘Science is Vital’ coalition is made up of concerned scientists, engineers and supporters of science, who are campaigning to prevent the destructive levels of cuts to science funding in the UK. The coalition warns that Government spending cuts could result in ‘an unprecedented scientific crisis’.

It is predicted that Government funding for medical research will be slashed in the Treasury-led Spending Review – part of the Government’s austerity drive. The medical research community needs to act now to prevent counter-productive, short- term cuts.

The Association fears that spending cuts will result in a decrease in MND research activity, seriously harming the UK research community’s ability to make major breakthroughs in the understanding of MND.

Research into rarer conditions such as MND already remains poorly funded compared to more common long-term conditions; and the Association is campaigning for increased investment into MND research.

You can support the Science is Vital campaign by signing the petition at