Read all about the New York Stem Cell Conference

 ….or at least, read even more about it!  

Back in January, we reported that sixty of the world’s leading stem cell research experts from 14 countries were brought together for the first time to shape the development of future international MND stem cell research.

The two-day conference in New York – organised by the MND Association in conjunction with the UK National Stem Cell Network; the Canadian Stem Cell Network; the New York Stem Cell Foundation; and the ALS Association of the USA (ALSA) – brought leading stem cell experts together under one roof in order to agree key areas of investigation in this exciting field of MND research.

You can catch up with what our director of research, Dr Brian Dickie said about the conference in seven Stem Cell Workshop blog posts. 

If you felt that Brian’s daily blogs from the beginning of the year weren’t enough, a more comprehensive report has just been published in the journal Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, of which Brian is a co-author. The journal publishers have also kindly given permission for a version of the report to be available online, which can be downloaded from the ALS Association’s website.

The published report on the ALS Association’s website is not written in plain-english as it provides a thorough assessment of the ‘state of affairs’ of MND stem cell research for scientists – you may find it interesting none-the-less!

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