A Time for New Researchers to Blossom – PhD studentship Applications

It is that time of year again when we open our Online Summary Application Form for our next round of PhD studentship applications, for projects starting in October 2014. The deadline for summary applications is Friday 3 May 2013.

Last Time
Our last round saw an all time record number of studentship applications. We received 18 summary applications and went on to fund five of these attracting new researchers and institutes.

Promising Young Researcher
Our PhD studentship grants allow us to attract and fund promising young scientists starting their careers in MND research and to help us continue to develop the UK basic research capacity. As with all our research projects, we aim to fund the best of the best. Our rigorous application process allows us to ensure we only fund studentships of the highest quality and of direct relevance to MND. To find out more on our application process please see our grant application process.

We are currently funding 15 studentships; five of these are due to start in October 2013.

We hope this year’s PhD studentship round is as exciting as last year!

More Information
For further information on our studentship grants, please see our research we fund and for more details on how to apply for a PhD studentship. Please see our how to apply for funding.

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