Research grants round in full swing!

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With all the excitement of the symposium in Orlando, it is still business as usual for the next research grants round.  As some of you will already know, we sent a record 25 summaries to our Biomedical Research Advisory Panel (BRAP) for review.  Out of these a staggering 18 applicants have been invited to submit a full application, plus 2 deferred from a previous round making a grand total of 20 full applications expected in mid January.  This will be a busy time for the grants team, processing the applications as they arrive in the office.

The next task will be to find external referees (experts from the scientific world), on average 2-3 per application.  They will be asked to provide their opinion on certain aspects of the application which will then be taken into consideration by the BRAP before and during the meeting in April.  This is a very thorough process to ensure we fund top quality research.

More information on research projects we fund is available from our website.