Symposium Blogathon: Focus on… Róisín McMackin

Symposium Blogathon: Focus on… Róisín McMackin

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This blog is part of our Symposium Blogathon series – where we are counting down to the 33rd International Symposium. Numbers in bold blue type correspond to the code in the abstract book. Click on the number to be redirected to the full abstract.

As a new feature of the Symposium Blogathon, we got in touch with a variety of international researchers who will be presenting at the 33rd International Symposium on ALS/MND. We chatted about what they will be presenting and what they are most looking forward to at the Symposium this year.

Today, we hear from Dr Róisín McMackin, from Trinity College Dublin. Research has suggested that MND may affect several different areas of the brain and not just those involved in movement as previously thought. Róisín is one of the Association’s Junior Non-clinical fellows and she is looking at how non-movement related parts of the brain are changed during MND and investigating new ways to measure these changes (COG03).

Róisín attended our early career researcher event, MND EnCouRage UK, back in July 2022. During the event there were sessions designed to train the researchers to better communicate their work with people living with ALS/MND and non-researchers. Listen below to hear from Róisín put these new skills to the test and find out more about her research.

Make sure you come back after the Symposium to hear more from Róisín including some of the results of her work and what it means for people living with MND.

Róisín’s talks to look out for:

Session 9 – Improving clinical endpoints in therapeutic trials for ALS – Dr Ruben Van Eijk (C24)

Session 5 – Mild motor impairment and prodromal markers – Dr Michael Benatar (C14)

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