Christmas tradition – a quiz!

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In the tradition of newspaper Christmas quizzes or bumper crossword puzzles, I had the bright idea that we could publish something similar here. In the true Blue Peter tradition, here is one that Kelly prepared earlier – it is a genetics quiz. She was happy to note that Prof Ammar Al-Chalabi made reference to one of these stats in his very accessible talk in the closing session of the symposium in Orlando.

 The answers will be published in a week or so.

 Happy Christmas to you all!

 Genes quiz

 Possible answers to questions: 2, 5, 20, 30, 90, 98, 100, 380

  1. What percentage of our genes do we share with a chimp?
  2. What percentage of our genes do we share with a mouse?
  3. Our genetic code is wrapped up into 46 organisational structures called ‘chromosomes’. How many chromosomes does a butterfly have?
  4. If you were to start reciting the order of your genetic code tomorrow morning, letter by letter at 1 per second, how many years would pass before you reached the end (no breaks!)?
  5.  If the total DNA in one person were laid in a straight line, how many times would it stretch to the sun and back (distance 93 million miles)?
  6. How many genes (approximately) do we have in thousands?
  7.  How much of our DNA codes for proteins?
  8.  An onion has how many times more DNA than we do?

1 thought on “Christmas tradition – a quiz!

  1. I make the answers: 98, 90, 380, 100, 20, 30, 2 and 5. I had to guess some by process of elimination…how did I do?

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